Heguru India




  1. To teach and educate students according to guidelines provided by Heguru Japan.
  2. Responsible for the students.
  3. Establish and maintain good relationships with students and parents.
  4. Ensuring high standards of professional practice and quality of teaching.
  5. Prepare teaching materials.


  1. Love children.
  2. Passionate in education.
  3. Friendly, creative and full of energy.
  4. Responsible, creative and dedicated.
  5. Possess good leadership, class/student management and communication skill.
  6. Capable to work in team.
  7. Excellent record of conduct and character.
  8. Bachelor Degree in any major (fresh graduates are encouraged to apply).
  9. Good communication skills & English proficiency.
  10. Computer literate with sound working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Photoshop.
  11. Willing to go to Japan for teacher training and professional development.
  12. Willing to work on weekend.

Send your resume with your most recent photo to:  info@heguruindia.com


2) Sales and Marketing Staff


  1. Organizes promotion and developing marketing activities

  2. Collects and updates database of prospects and following-up with sales calls

  3. Conducts research and analyzing data to identify target market

  4. Ensures effective implementation of marketing strategy

  5. Establishes and maintain good relationships with costumer and all stakeholders

  6. Greets customers warmly, ask how to help and answers the questions properly

  7. Sets up booths at exhibition and be a representative of the school

  8. Works together with related vendors for cooperation.

  9. Manages and develops campaigns on social media and looking at analyze data                                                                           a. Writes and optimizes content for the social networking accounts such as Facebook and Instagram                                   b. Oversees a social media strategy

  10. Maintains school website

  11. Attends school product launches and networking events

  12. Conducts and coordinate marketing employee meetings


  1. Bachelor Degree in any major

  2. Experienced in Sales and Marketing min 1 year

  3. Good presentation and negotiation skills

  4. Customer-centered and result-oriented

  5. Good analytical & conceptual thinking skills, creative and innovative

  6. Good communication skills & English proficiency

  7. Able to work under pressure, fast learner, independent, multi-tasking, and excellent in interpersonal skill

  8. Computer & internet literate

  9. Able to do simple Graphic design

  10. Willing to work on weekend

  11. Able to work in a team

Send your resume with your most recent photo to : info@heguruindia.com