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Infant & Toddler Classes

The Golden age For Laying The Foundations For Right Brain Development

Expose your child to a wide variety of information.

This age group is when children’s brains develop the quickest and are at their most absorptive; the ideal time to start with Right Brain Development.

In Heguru’s Infant & Toddler Classes, we have developed our own unique program to ensure that our students excel in their futures, whatever subjects or fields they decide to go into.

We at Heguru have been leading experts in the field of Right Brain Development for over 30 years, providing high-quality classes unrivaled anywhere else in the world.

Heguru’s Children’s Education sees marked differences in results.

 Duration         : 50~60 mins /Class/ Week
 Age                    : 6 months~ 4years old
 Requirement: To be accompanied by 1 parent


Whatsapp us @ 9884620022 and make a reservation for our Parent Seminar.

4 Major Strengths Of Our Infant & Toddler Classes

1. The world’s fastest high-speed learning classes, made possible by our 2-teacher system

2. In just one lesson; We input a month’s worth of information provided by ordinary infant classes!
3. Equip your child with the imaging skills to visualize vividly!
4. Parent and child; Nurturing and supporting the root-bond between them
Pictures from our Infant & Toddler Classes
Memorizing a set of around 70 cards in order
Understanding numbers, using abacuses and clock-faces
Instant Memorisation
Instant memorisation training is provided with figures. Continued on a weekly basis, your memory improves and it becomes great fun.
Numbers are introduced. Teaching materials are touched and going up to the Front becomes enjoyable.
Children’s knowledge is cemented as they sing along
Doing trunk exercises that are effective for brain development
Learn English according to everyday stories
Remember the shapes projected in the dark room and have them paint their colors
Doing the work to establish the memory.
We take pride in our teaching materials. All our teaching materials used are carefully prepared by our Materials Team in Japan and couriered to overseas centers. Strict quality control and standardization of these materials ensure consistency and quality for all centers. Heguru materials are specifically designed to stimulate your child’s right brain learning. New materials are added with each lesson and changed regularly; making every lesson interesting and ensuring that your child acquire new knowledge with each progressive lesson.

The range of Heguru original teaching materials boasts tremendous variety.