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Japan’s largest right brain development school for children, Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL) is proud to present Heguru Center within the heart of India, offering a golden opportunity for every parent to unleash their child’s true potential through an extensive, uniquely-designed brain enrichment programme. This innovative approach of high-speed data processing, photographic memory retention and enrichment of creativity starts at the tender age of 6 months up to 12 years old.

About Founder

In 1997 I invented the epoch-making technique, the first in the world, of how to read a book and understand its contents, just by turning over its pages. I called this method of reading “Hado Reading” because it well surpasses even speed reading. “Hado Reading” offers the seemingly preposterous ability of being able to understand the contents of a book within a single second. Anyone can achieve this ability if they commence their training with the Heguru programme at an early age. Once a person has mastered the “Hado Reading” technique, the person will be given the challenge to finish reading 10,000 books within a month. If the person has successfully achieved the goal, then this person will be qualified to join the “ichimankai” TM. At Heguru we feel it is our mission to awaken the hidden talents of children, not just in Japan but from all over the world. Drawing them forth with a smile, that they may blossom to their fullest. We sincerely would like to invite you to learn the Heguru programme to achieve your dreams and live a happy life.

Ruiko Henmi

CEO, HEGL (Heguru)

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Power of Imagination

Time Control

Dynamic & Confident

Quick Decision Making

Strong Numeracy

Magical Mindpower

Amazing Photographic Memory

Strong Postive Mindset

Boosts Intelligence & Creativity

Staying Young & Empathetic

On Vison

Unlimited Speed

Mastery in Concepts

Enhancing Brain Potential

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Increase Focus & Attention Span

Strong Intuitive Power

Highspeed Memory Processing

Unmatched Signature Effect

Iconic Lifestyle

Courses Offered


The prenatal stage is the golden age for brain development. Give your baby the right stimulation to develop his/her Right Brain.


The Right Brain of infants and toddlers soak up information in vast volumes and at tremendous speed. By strengthening the bond between parent and child, give your child a head start in building a larger “vessel” for the brain.


At 5 and 6, children start to develop both their Right and Left Brains. Before they start primary school, give them “the cerebral foundations” that let them unlock their Right Brain potential with certainty.


For primary school children, we develop their “foundational strength”, or growth potential in abilities. Instill in them the habit of studying, and give them the basis for developing various talents as they grow.

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