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Heguru India is proud to be certified by Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL), Japan to bring in HEGL educational programs focusing on Right Brain Development Training Methodology to benefit the children.

Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL), pronounced as ”Heguru”, manages the single largest right brain development school in Japan with students from Tokyo and 25 other prefectures. For over 30 years, they have developed an educational program, which includes an extensive 86 categories of courses, spanning from pre-natal to senior high school years. HEGL’s vision is for parents to enjoy raising their children and to assist parents to develop and harness their children’s innate potential. HEGL hopes to develop children to become future great leaders and be able to make a meaningful contribution to society.

The success of HEGL educational programs and student achievements have been widely televised on Japanese national TV on numerous occasions. Their remarkable results have also greatly impressed the Education Ministry in Japan. Most recently in 2011, our founder Mrs. Ruiko Henmi was honored as the “Top 20 Super teachers” of Japan.

At Heguru Center, we are committed to nurture the potential abilities of our children by developing their right brain to its maximum. Lessons are conducted by HEGL certified instructors in a fun and lively atmosphere. This will ensure full transfer of the educational know-how researched by HEGL.

Building Genius Childrens Since 1992
Awarded the “Distinguished Service Award” as the most outstanding early education school in Japan.


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  • Our Founders
  • Our Teachers
  • Testimonials

About the name “HEGL=Heguru”

HEGL stands for Henmi Educational General Laboratory. HEGL is pronounced as “Heguru”. From 2009, Heguru has extended its business outside Japan. On the Internet, you can find us by searching “HEGL” or “Heguru”: the results of “HEGL” are mainly related to our activity in Japan, while results of “heguru” are mainly related to our activity in foreign countries.

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Hardhik started attending Heguru classes earlier this year, when he was hardly talking! Barely a couple of classes later, he goes to the front of the class willingly, when called for attendance. His concentration has increased many folds. It is to my great surprise that he remains calm and focused throughout the class. He really loves us to read books daily without fail. He by himself picks around 7 books and asks us to read for him. Vikram & Sravanthi ( Parents of Hardhik, 1yr+ )

Heguru @ Kuwait allows my child to have fun while learning, a great improvement from the traditional methods of learning. He looks forward to the classes every week as he finds it both exciting and challenging to learn something new quickly.

Also, I have seen significant improvement in my child’s memory skills after attending Heguru. He is able to comprehend very fast and form sentences impeccably. He is even good with numbers. Thusantha (Father of Akain, 4yrs+ old)

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