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Right Brain Training

Wonderful Abilities of Your Child's Whole Brain

Start Early, Start Right
You have probably heard or read about left or right-brained dominance, where each side of the brain controls different types of thinking. A “left-brained” person is considered to be more logical, objective and analytical while a person who is “Right-Brained” is said to be more expressive, creative and intuitive. 95% of Human population is LEFT Brain dominant.

Left Brain
The left brain is the “reasoning” brain. It controls the conscious mind, logic and reasoning abilities. It processes information systematically (one by one) but slowly and in small quantity.

Right Brain
On the other hand, the right brain is the “visualisation” brain. It controls the subconscious mind, imaging abilities and creativity. It has the powerful abilities to process massive amount of information quickly, and has great memory retention ability.

At Heguru, We develop both left and right brain with multiple activities that unwraps your child’s dormant potential into super possibilities.

Driving on two wheels is just as comfortable as your child using only the left side of the brain…

What is Right Brain Education?

Our current educational system leaves very little room for right brain development. This can be very challenging for most children. They start school and immediately face lessons that are meant for enhancing left brain functions such as speech and computation.  Right brain training is aimed towards very young children in order to strengthen the important functions that are related to the right side of their brain which will greatly enhance their overall learning abilities.

Why Start Right Brain Training as Young as 6 Months Old?

It has been found out that the right hemisphere of the brain develops fastest from birth up to six years of age. It is during this crucial period that right brain stimulation and development is at its most effective.
​Therefore, it is important to expose your child to quality stimuli early on. This will allow them to build a large library of information in their subconscious mind that they can keep and use as they grow up.

If the right brain of your child is left untrained during this time frame, the rapid rate of learning decreases and your child’s innate right brain abilities becomes dormant beyond the age of six. Even more so when your child starts formal schooling and his left brain development gains momentum.

At around age 3, 70% of the brain is formed. By age 7, about 90% of the brain has been developed. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to maximise this limited window from birth to 6 years old.

What is Heguru Education?

Heguru Education was developed by the Heguru method learning centre in Japan over 30 years ago using extensive scientific research. It consists of programmes that are meant for early childhood education and right brain training for your baby, toddler or preschooler. In particular, the effective Heguru method and curriculum focuses on the development of the right side of the brain. We have received positive reviews on Heguru method from Singapore parents. We capitalise and maximize the learning spurt of children during their formative first six years.

Heguru’s Children RIght Brain Education has 5 Purposes:

 1. Enlarging “Vessel” for the Brain
We know how to train kids’ right brain actively and enabling it to be as open to new information as possible. A shortcut to achieving this is to develop the balance of IZ and BZ (9 Basic Powers). It is very important that the parents show complete faith in their children’s abilities.

2. Drawing out Multiple Talents from the Children’s Personalities
We provide children with opportunities to discover their hidden talents. When they show interest in something, encouragement is the key. We allow them to do things in their entirety, from start to finish, so that they may feel a sense of accomplishment.

3. Giving Children Self-Confidence and Exploiting Potential
Children get very excited when they realize they can do something, no matter how basic it is. We give them plenty of opportunity to discover what they can do by themselves. Parents must also trust and support their children throughout.

4. Cultivating the Power of the Mind (EQ)
Family plays a major part in cultivating the minds of children. Children must feel that they are loved unconditionally. Parents should take on the responsibility of being their child’s first teacher. Heguru will then act as an additional outlet of support to promote continuous development.

5. Harnessing Genuine Thinking Power
We help children to develop the ability to think logically and evaluate matters calmly. When they don’t understand something, we prompt them to ask. Eventually, we integrate their right brain abilities with newly-acquired left brain information.