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At our early childhood education center – Heguru, the pace of the class is carefully varied. We emphasize speed in a Heguru classroom to fully utilize the right brain. To develop it, rhythm training such as flash cards et cetera requires high speed. Years of research shows we can stimulate our brains through such training and ultimately encourage quick thinking and an enhanced mental capacity.

Though we do not any more, we have conducted IQ tests at HEGURU a few times in the past and the scores recorded then are publicly announced. Through our students’ recent IQ test results taken at institutions elsewhere, the scores shows a steady increase. Many of our students exhibit scores over 160, even 200.

First of all, we advise mothers to start before birth, during the fetus stage. After birth, the first year of the infant is regarded as the “brain’s golden stage of development” and is the best period to create the foundation of his brain. Therefore we recommend starting around the time the baby can support his own head up.

In regards to right brain development, the earlier the better. In other words, the older the child gets, the harder it is to expect better results. Generally, it is said that 6 years old is the time limit. However at HEGURU, we set the limit to the age of 9.
If the child really shows interest in the activities that we do, there are cases where children over 10 have successfully developed their right brain. The key is for the child to take pure interest.

Please be assured that the majority of our students come once a week and show magnificent progress.
Coming once a week is our standard program.
There are students who come twice a week and evidently, those who attend twice a week progress faster in comparison.
Although this is so, we recommend the best possible choice for you to fit your needs in accordance. The point is to come and enjoy participating in our classes.

One criterion we have is when graduating primary school.

In the first stage of development, we structure the “Basic Zone”. “The Implementation Zone” of the brain is structured by the age of 6. This refers to the toddler level and preschool level at HEGURU. After this period, we boost the level of the child’s right brain to equip “hado-reading” skills from the lower grades to middle grades of primary school. After this, they become members of “ichimankai.
Moreover until the child reaches the upper grades of primary school, their left brain (logic brain) begins to develop. We simultaneously raise the level of the right brain to balance it off with the growth of the left. Gradually in the higher grades, practices intensify for both sides of the brain so it can be used under self-control.

If things allow, please do continue onto junior high school and high school years. The right brain can be developed further. ​We take pride in seeing many of our students being the top students of prestigious schools in the country with minimum studying time.

Yes. That is one of our major objectives, “to cultivate ability that can be utilized even when you become older”.
More often than not, we hear “Child prodigies do not grow into adult genius.”

The reason why we have numerous programs other than our regular standard classes at HEGURU is to root down the abilities once developed.  The abilities will continue to flourish during the process of their growth; in junior high school, high school, and then through college. The more opportunities to practice the skills, the more it will evolve, making it stable and stay through adulthood.

All children are restless by nature. A child easily loses interest in one thing, and moves to another. However, a child can absorb information even if he/she is not paying attention to the object. Although a child does not seem to be concentrating, he/she is able to read content accurately. It is the responsibility of parents to choose a good learning environment or early childhood education center for children for them to enjoy and pay more attention during lessons.

It is important for your child to learn the Heguru method if you find it hard to educate him or her at home. Since the contents of our classes are very intense, your child can produce excellent results even if he/she only attends the class once a week. Even better, the results produced can be remarkable if parents can take the time to guide their children at home even if the time spent is very brief.

All the parents feel the same way. The only reason your child may be behind in a class is because the others have had a head start. Therefore, you should praise your child for each accomplishment in the activities conducted. In 2 months or so, the child will get used to it and enjoy learning at our early childhood education center, Heguru.

We understand early childhood education may seem strange for the parents, especially we start training infant from 6 months old. Some parents would rather raise their children in a more relaxed manner. On the other hand, various studies have concluded that such education bridges the huge gap in cognitive skills when a child becomes older. We encourage parents to open their horizons to increasing their child’s potential as they grow and enjoy nurturing the learning foundation for them just like sowing seeds in a field.

Reprimanding your children is not always the effective solution because the question centers on how you can help improve your child. There has to some extent of “disciplining” but avoid from using harsh words because by doing that, you may discourage the child from progressing and can cause him or her to eventually lose self-confidence.